Sickie Day

We are having a sickie day around here today. Not to be confused with a sick day–those are more serious. Ella woke up in the middle of the night crying and had spiked a fever. She gets night terrors already, and when she gets a fever they get like five times as frequent, so we were up for a good part of the night trying to calm her down. There isn’t much you can do for night terrors except try to just soothe the poor kid with your voice and quiet them down but it’s hard as a parent to watch Ella moan and cry and not really be able to intervene (if anyone has experience with kids that have had these, let me know what helped!). Thankfully she is still in a crib so she can’t wander, and our doctor says she will probably grow out of them. But it still made for a rough night, and Ella was still a little feverish this morning and she slept in pretty late (we think it may just be teething) so we are laying low. 

Thank goodness for Arthur episodes on the DVR and jammies! 

Since we were home all morning I made the salsa that was supposed to go with our enchiladas last night. I wasn’t on the ball enough to make it last night so tonight we will have salsa and….pork chops. That goes well, right? Also I recognize that this looks more like a salad than salsa since, as per the name of this blog, I am much too impatient to dice things smaller than the size of a sugar cube. 

We did take a short little walk to get outside for a bit and checked the mail on the way back inside. I was so excited to get my first package from Kidizen! Kidizen has been all over the blogging world but for those of you who, like me, had never really looked into it, it’s an awesome app designed as a marketplace for parents to resell their kids’ gently used clothes. I should do a whole post on it sometime because I am totally hooked! I have already sold something and ordered a few things for Ella that were really good deals. I needed some more basic shorts for her for summer and these were only $7.50 for both including shipping. And they are in perfect condition! I can’t wait for my other stuff to get here (And no, this is not sponsored in any way, in my dreams haha. I just really like this app.).
Aaaand then it was time for Daddy to get home from school and Ella was clearly thrilled.

Just kidding! She loves seeing Daddy. And I think our little sickie is going to make a full and speedy recovery.

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