Canker Sore from Hades

Hello blog friends. It’s been a while….and I fully blame the fact that we have been battling never-ending colds around here. Having a cold is the pits because, let’s be honest, it sounds a bit lame to say you can’t come to something because you have a cold.  The flu or strep throat or something, now that is a legitimate excuse. But I will admit that when other people are like, “well, I can’t make it, I have a cold,” I am kind of like, “Just admit you don’t want to come.” That is, until I get sick myself and feel that the world is coming to an end.

The cold itself was annoying, but somewhere along the way, after several days of sounding like a pack-a-day smoker, I also developed a canker sore. IN my throat. Which throbbed all day and night and I thought I was dying.

I felt like the most over-dramatic person on the planet as I debated going to the doctor. What was I going to say when I made the appointment….I have a canker sore? And it hurts real bad? So I put it off and kept saying I would go in the next day if it didn’t get better. In the meantime I was averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night because I would wake up in the night in pain and couldn’t fall back asleep. So obviously all I had left to do was troll the internet looking for solidarity on various message boards (which I found, in spades. Not that I was posting on message boards, just enjoying the helpful comments. The internet can be either a very understanding or very venomous place). I first accidentally googled, “cancer sore in throat,” and I was very concerned for about two minutes. Thankfully I righted the situation and found about 800 home remedies which I tried as I wandered the apartment trying from the hours of 4am-7am. For the record, holding an asprin on a canker sore….does nothing. And it’s really easy to drop it down the back of your throat and gag yourself.

After the third day I finally acquiesced and called the doctor. And I felt about as foolish as I had anticipated, probably with good reason. My doctor was very nice but I could tell she was like, “why are you here? You have a very common household ailment?” She prescribed a topical medication that would numb the area a bit and I left feeling like the world’s biggest wimp. I spent most of the rest of the week shining a flashlight down my throat and asking Dave if anything looked different than before. I also took a few pics of the situation (you know, for posterity). But I’ll spare you those.

Thankfully I am back to normal now. I am more thankful for the sake of those around me than my own. But I can promise you if anyone in my life ever has to back out of plans because they have a canker sore situation I won’t question their integrity. But if you have a cold you still have to come.