8 Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

I am FAR from a Twitter aficionado. I have an account but I don’t get on a ton and I don’t really utilize it for communication, or keeping up with the news or, you know, worthwhile things. BUT, I do appreciate the plethora of hilarious people and accounts that are on there, and I thoroughly enjoy logging in and, if I’m in public, laughing silently while tears stream down my face. So I thought I would share in case you enjoy them as much as I do! Far be it from me to withhold from you more opportunities to waste time on the internet.

 I owe my sister Grace credit for introducing me to like 90% of these. She has awesome taste in humor. If I’m ever bored or feel like wasting way too much time, checking out her favorited tweets is my jam. Also, I feel compelled to mention that while most of these accounts don’t post a lot of bad language/crude humor, I can’t promise that everything they say in the future will be G-rated so please follow at your own risk! 🙂 I don’t want to offend anyone.

 I am actually nervous that people will judge me for being so weird after reading these, but, who cares, so in no particular order, here are eight of my favorite peeps on Twitter:

1. Awkward Girl @AwkGrlPrblms

I said no particular order but she’s quite possibly my favorite person on Twitter. Lots of terrible puns, lots of self-deprecation, lots of 90s pop-culture references, lots of awkward.


 2. Bridger Wingar @bridger_w

I don’t really know how to describe this account. We can only assume i’ts a fake persona? I guess we’ll never know. Very very weird and intense.

3. Brendan O’Hare @brendohare

Very similar to Bridger Winegar. Dramatized persona (I can only assume…..), intense, socially inept and hilarious.

4. Very British Problems @SoVeryBritish

While I am not British, I still find most of these hilarious and relate-able. Some of these are Britain-specific but a lot of them are applicable if you’re just the people-pleasing type.

5. Jamie Woodham @jwoodham

Overall funny but I particularly like his Harry Potter and other literary references.

6. What Taylor Does  @WhatTaylorDoes

A must for any fan of the real T-Swift. Parodied, third person, over-dramatized and romanticized narration of her supposed life. Bonus is the funny references to her songs and actual relationships, you know, if you follow that sort of thing…..

7. Jordan Schlansky @jordanschlansky

 Associate producer for Conan O’Brien with extremely dry observations about life.

8. Anti Comedian @jokeisntfunny
If you roll your eyes at overdone jokes, you’ll enjoy this. Very dry and sarcastic calling out of cliche humor.

And there you have it! I hope somebody out there enjoyed this because I spent an embarrassing amount of time compiling these. Please comment with some of your favorite funny people!

  • Hahaha! So funny! Thanks for the sharing. Am I the only person on the planet without a twitter account? My fav is VeryBritishProblems…its so me! haha!

  • What, no 1D as Hedgehogs? No Poorly Drawn 1D? No Harry as Books? No Niall as Art? I could go on…

  • I know, Grandma, the British one describes everyone in our family perfectly. Even the inclement weather is appropriate for Alaska! And no, Dave and Tess don't have Twitter either!

  • Merely amusing, IMHO.

  • This list MAY convince me to get a twitter. Maybe. Some of those had me laughing pretty hard…

  • I love the Twitter

  • I totally need to follow these people on Twitter! Hysterical!

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