Nursing-Friendly Dress Roundup!

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Utah in the summertime is HOT for this Alaskan transplant! As much as I love a good pair of mom shorts, dresses are probably my favorite option for looking cute while still staying cool. However, as I discovered last summer, dresses are not always compatible with breastfeeding! Ella was born at the beginning of October, and we didn’t make it too terribly long with nursing, so my wardrobe options weren’t really limited as we approached the next summer. P, however, was born May 31st and, being the world’s biggest mama’s girl is every way possible, is still going strong with nursing a year later. Which, I mean, I’m grateful for, but I’ve been wearing the same three outfits to church for the past year as a result!

At 11.5 months, she’s obviously eating solid food too, so I can stave her off when we are out and about, but last summer I was so bummed when my wardrobe was basically cut in half! It’s one of those things you kind of forget about when you haven’t had a baby for a while. Of course skirts are an option but dresses are so fun! I’d be lying if I said I had never just decided to chance it when we went somewhere, and ended up running out to my car because I had to basically undress myself to feed my suddenly screaming baby! This summer I decided to look for a few cute options that would also be nursing-friendly, just in case. I thought I’d share the wealth!


A few notes:

* The off-the-shoulder thing has taken the world by storm apparently, and though I don’t personally like it for myself, I do envy the flexibility that the elastic neckline would provide. I’ve seen someone wear the black Old Navy dress above as more of a peasant-style dress with the sleeves pulled up and it looked adorable! It also comes in orange or chambray.

*The black and white polka-dot dress from Target also comes in a super cute red floral that I like a lot better than this print, but my little widget wouldn’t let me insert that one for some reason. Check out both colors!