Thanks for stopping by! I’m Claire, and Slapdash Diaries is a celebration of what makes me tick: recipes, family activities, good deals, book suggestions, and plenty of randomness.


Here are my people: My husband Dave, three-year-old Eleanor, and baby Penelope. We live in the lovely state of Utah, though I was born and raised in Alaska so I still like to flaunt my Last Frontier roots whenever possible ūüôā¬†Dave is studying nursing and he still has about a year left in school, so I love sharing ideas for frugal living because, by now, we’re pretty good at it!


Dave and I have been married for five years. We met at BYU, where I studied English Teaching (but don’t worry….I’m not a grammar Nazi and I hope you won’t hold me accountable for any linguistic knowledge. I have no idea if those ellipses are even correct). I had a blast teaching junior high English for two years, but now I love that I have the opportunity to stay home with my girlies. I started blogging when Ella was a baby because I needed a new hobby to keep me from going a bit crazy, haha.


We added Penny to the gang this past May. Ella is a very gentle and sweet big sister and also loves to play baby (clarification: she loves to pretend that SHE is baby Penny. It’s very possibly a concerning cry for help and also makes things a little confusing). I am far from having the mom-of-two thing down but I’m having a blast figuring it out! I love to find fun new things to try with my girls, both at home and out and about around Utah. Dave and I both love to cook, so I will definitely be sharing a lot of our mainstay recipes on here as well!


The name Slapdash Diaries comes from an inside joke with¬†my family growing up. I had (…maybe still have) a bit of a reputation for doing things in kind of a quick and, ahem, haphazard¬†way. This has resulted in many failed attempts at sewing, cooking, gardening….basically most things that require any level of precision or attention to detail. So whenever I made a cake that turned out like a brick or a sewing project (sans pattern) that resembled nothing close to the intended result,¬†they would just mutter, “slapdash…..” I think I’ve gotten a little bit better¬†at attention to detail¬†since then, BUT, I stand by my philosophy in life: things that don’t appear¬†perfect can¬†still turn out to be¬†pretty great. ¬†I hope you’ll stick around and see if you agree! Thanks for reading!