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Quick and Easy Homemade Cornbread!

I am the type of person that has to weigh the costs with the benefits when it comes to making something from scratch. Sure, I love to cook, but if it’s going to take five times the effort and time, and create basically the same end result as a pre-packaged item….I’m afraid the frontier woman in me caves to convenience. Such is my train of thought when it comes to Pinterest-inspired endeavors like homemade cheez-its or fruit snacks. I’ll pay the $3.50 and take the yellow dye 5, thanks! If I’m going to make it myself, it has to be significantly cheaper, healthier, or yummier than what I could grab at the store.

This *ahem* efficient attitude led me to believe that cornbread from a Jiffy mix was pretty much as good as it gets! What does it cost, like $.79? Just add milk and eggs and there you have it. Well, thankfully I have a bestĀ friend named Lizzie who introduced me to the wonders of homemade cornbread. When I first tried hers, I was like, “wait, why is this better than any other cornbread I’ve ever had in my life?” Come to find out….it was made from scratch. Who’d of thought! No offense to the good people at Jiffy, but I was never going back after that.

This particular recipe is one that my sister-in-law Jenny Rebecca submitted to our family cookbook. We make is super frequently and it’s SO easy and foolproof. Honestly, it takes like 2 minutes longer than using a mix would, and the result is exponentially better. Now that it’s getting to be fall and I’m making soups and chili more often, I’m sure we’ll be seeing it even more! And as Lizzie said, “It’s basically just an excuse to eat cake with dinner.” Hey, you won’t hear me complaining.