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Cinnamon Coconut Energy Bites

One of my responsibilities at church right now is to help plan monthly activities for the women in our ward (a “ward” is an LDS congregation). Last week we had a health and fitness night and it ended up being SO fun! We have a girl in our ward who is a health coach and so she did a little lesson on nutrition and exercise myths–which ones are true and which ones are false (I guess the added protein to every last cereal or processed food product lately isn’t really necessary!). And then another girl in our ward is a certified Zumba instructor and so she taught Zumba for us afterwards. We even had a few pregnant ladies dancing along!

After the activity we obviously wanted to provide healthy refreshments since we had just
worked out.  We planned some veggies, hummus, and my friend Sadie even made homemade
fruit leather! I volunteered to bring these super easy and yummy energy bites. It had been a
while since I had made these and I had forgotten how easy they are to whip up! I originally
found this in a family cookbook and I made a few slight adaptations.
 I’ve already made another batch since the activity last week because I wanted a whole tray to
myself. 🙂

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