Fresh Peach Pie with Soda Cracker Crust

I have a complicated relationship with fruity desserts. I love theĀ idea of them (like, what’s classier than a pear tart?), but if I’m being honest with myself I’d usually rather just have a brownie. Or a chocolate chip cookie. Or a cupcake. Basically something with chocolate, let’s just cut to the chase.

Same thing goes for pie. I’m just not the biggest fan. I look forward to pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, and then I don’t crave it for another 364 days. Granted, I will make exceptions for a french silk pie or one of those ice-cream or cream-cheese-and-peanut-butter things in an oreo crust, just masquerading as legitimate pie, but if we’re talking apple or cherry I’m usually just “meh.”

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